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Buffalo, WYO — Just released today (October 18th, 2012) by an Ocean City, NJ news production team using Arts Along the Bighorns board member, Arnette Tiller, as executive producer is an historical short film about Buffalo’s Cowboy Carousel.  The film focusses on the history of the carousel from it’s Ocean City days to it’s purchase by Emerson and Anne Scott in the late 1980s, and the new home they made for it in Buffalo, Wyoming.

The film then goes on to talk about the comeback and future plans for the Carousel as a part of this region’s history, and as a part of recent economic revitalization efforts in Buffalo’s Downtown Historic District.  Arnette Tiller who was the executive producer for the film, helped with the writing and editing.  Tiller said she is so excited by how well the film came out and how it addressed — even after final editing by the film editor — all that needed to get said.  The Cowboy Carousel film talks about what Arts Along the Bighorns is planning for the Carousel (giving it a great new home for all of Buffalo, the region and Wyoming to share for years to come), as well as the Cowboy Carousel Center to be built around it for the arts, education and community events on a small-scale.

Folks can watch the YOUTUBE version of the video below:

Tiller said the video will be the springboard for a new fundraising campaign for the Cowboy Carousel Center.  She is hoping folks — both in Buffalo and this region, as well as in Ocean City — will want to contribute to saving the Carousel and helping to give it a new life and renewed purpose.  Arts Along the Bighorns has posted a Paypal link for any folks who would care to donate on their website (www.cowboycarouselcenter.com).

The idea for the video came up in a conversation between Tiller and some friends from New Jersey who make videos for a living and offered to do this film in that it had a direct connection to Ocean City’s local history. The Cowboy Carousel film became a family affair with Producer, Dave Kenworthy drafting his son, Chris Kenworthy to Direct and Edit the film, and Will Kenworthy did the New Jersey cinematography. Dave’s wife, Barbara, found Narrator Ed Cunningham who donated his services and Heather Blair also donated the logo used in the film.  This film, truly, was a donated effort by many fine people from back east and local support by the Tillers.  Arnette Tiller said she is planning on many summer time  home cooked meals and cabin space as a way of thanking these fine folks.

Tiller and Arts Along the Bighorns are also working closely with the University of Wyoming to redo the housing on the gears so they will last for generations to come, a new home to house the historic Cowboy Carousel and site plans to best place the Carousel and Beutlers to create a space that serves the arts, education and community events needs.

Arts Along the Bighorns is a Wyoming NonProfit (pending 501c3 approval) that is working on keeping the carousel here in Johnson County and using it along the Wyoming Main Street Program principles for economic development in Buffalo’s Downtown National Historic District.  The center is designed to serve the community on a small scale and not deflect or compete with any other City or County projects.  Indeed, the placement of the Carousel alongside Beutler’s (another historic Buffalo landmark and old rail road building), places it in the center of Artisan Row on Lobban Street, which is one of three sites proposed by Buffalo’s 2008 Master Plan for revitalization.  By choosing this area to relocate the historic Carousel, Arts Along the Bighorns hopes to help accelerate the revitalization process in downtown Buffalo.

CCCeditor NOTE:  This is a reprint of the original article on BighornMountainExpress.com, a local Wyoming nonprofit and registered 501c3 free community news journal supporting the culture, history and small business needs of rural Wyoming folks.  If you would like to donate before the Kickstarter campaign gets going, just go to the top of this page and click on the donations page or any page has a donate button in the right side margin near the top.  Many thanks for your contribution.


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